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Bicester Soundproofing Products were founded in 1980 and at that time were designers and constructors of timber framed squash courts.  However, since the popularity of squash courts has waned the company had to diversify and find new products so they could carry on trading and as a result, early this century, switched to stocking and supplying a wide range of the more popular soundproofing products.  We found that people these days are getting a lot less tolerant of noise from neighbours and look to installing a soundproofing system onto party walls, floors and ceilings as well reducing noise from domestic pump systems.  Due to this demand, we are able to offer soundproofing materials to soundproof a wall, soundproof a floor as well as soundproofing a ceiling.  Advice on how to soundproof a pump is also contained on this site and all the materials required for containing noise from pumps are kept in stock.  All of our soundproofing materials can be delivered nationwide within a few days, and stocked items can also be delivered the next day if the orders are taken early enough the day before.

So it does not matter if you live in Cornwall, John O'Groats or an offshore island.  We can deliver the goods.  You will also find we do not charge excessive prices for our products.  For instance, the most effective soundproofing solution we can offer to soundproof a party wall is also the cheapest so come to us for cheap, effective soundproofing materials.  Domestic soundproofing can be cheaper than you may realise.

So, to soundproof a party wall we can offer the following:

50mm thick M20AD system that is simply bonded on with 2 layers of 15mm high density acoustic plasterboard bonded on top.  The M20AD solution will stop normal noise problems such as normal levels of talking or the television.

For louder noise problems from neighbours, we can also offer soundproofing for an independent stud wall system that is usually installed about 25mm away from the existing wall.  With this system the cavities are infilled with acoustic mineral wool and the timber or steel frame is clad with two thicknesses of 15mm acoustic plasterboard.  So the following are soundproofing materials for walls we stock and can deliver quickly:

M20AD - Acoustic Mineral Wool - Resilient Bars - SBM5 Sound Barrier Mat - SoundBlocker Quilt

But, to soundproof a floor there are a lot more options we can offer as follows:

QuietFloor is the easiest and most efficient soundproofing that can be installed onto a floor with the minimum of disruption.  QuietFloor performs the same as the more well known Acoustilay 15 but cheaper and better finished.  QuietFloor is an acoustic underlay for carpets, laminate flooring and engineered wood floors and will reduce both airborne noise and impact noise through a floor.  The soundproofing effectiveness can be enhanced with the addition of a layer of 5kg/m2 SBM5 sound barrier mat installed beneath the Quietfloor.

More flooring options to improve the sound insulation of a floor can be seen on this web site by clicking HERE. and as listed below.

R10 - G8 - QuietBoard - A10 Acoustic Underlay - QuietFloor Acoustic Underlay - SBM5 Sound Barrier Mat

Acoustic Mineral Wool - SoundBlocker Quilt - SoundBlocker membrane

And now for soundproofing ceilings.

Soundproofing ceilings is a bit more limited and for those perhaps the easiest solution is to screw up a 15mm thick layer of Acoustic Plasterboard with our 1mm SoundBlocker Membrane sound barrier mat sandwiched between the existing ceiling and the new plasterboard.

Alternatively, if there is sufficient ceiling height, the ceiling can be battened with 50mm battens that are then infilled with 50mm of acoustic mineral wool to absorb the reverberant noise that would otherwise occur within the voids.  Then, another two layers of acoustic plasterboard can be fitted to the battens but decoupled with our 15mm resilient bar system.

The products we hold in stock for soundproofing ceilings are listed here.

SoundBlocker Membrane - Acoustic Mineral Wool - Resilient Bars

In addition, we can offer sound absorbing panels for walls and ceilings designed to reduce echo and reverberation within rooms making understanding speech much easier.  And also sound diffusers for walls and ceilings that will help scatter and diffuse sound in large rooms making it easier for people at the back of a hall for instance to more clearly understand what is being said at the front of the hall.  With the exception of the diffusers, the sound absorbing panels are made to order and usually with you in 7 to 10 days from receipt of order.  These sound absorbing products and diffusers are particularly useful in school halls and dining rooms as well as classrooms, restaurants, community halls and home cinemas.  We also stock a range of soundproofing foams both normal and non-flammable, plain and self-adhesive which can be used to reduce noise when installed inside the panels surrounding noisy machinery such as car and vehicle bonnets, compressors, noisy pumps and boat engine bays.

Our list of sound absorbing products is below

Echosorption ceiling tiles - Wallsorption wall panels - Photosorption - Screensorption - Woodsorption

Steelsorption - Soundproofing Foam

Please call us on 01993 704810 if you have any noise problems you wish to discuss and be offered an acoustic solution for.


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